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The Rise Of The Missing Middle – Mid-Rise Flats for Urban Living

The Rise Of The Missing Middle – Mid-Rise Flats for Urban Living

By Ashley A.


The Rise of the Missing Middle

Demand for the ‘Missing Middle’ has been quickly growing in the YEG as the city continues to evolve into a modern urban centre. Increased housing prices, coupled with a demographic shift, have driven the need for more innovative housing solutions. Younger Edmontonians entering the housing market are looking for walkable and amenity-rich neighbourhoods where they can be closer to everything. They want central locations and are less attracted to the suburban lifestyles as their parents were. They’re also being priced out of single-family homes and are looking for more affordable options that suit their lifestyle.

As the population grows and as the demand for urban living increases, the city needs to – not only build more housing – but also the right kind. That’s where mid-rise flats for urban living comes into play. Advanced projects with forward-facing designs, like the CX Suites and Townhomes in Grandin, are providing medium-density housing that’s needed to meet the growing demands of this city.
To learn more about how mid-rise flats are improving urban life for residents in the YEG, explore some of the advantages below.

Addresses the Needs of Today

What are the growing demands of today’s market? That’s the question that many developers are asking when designing the layout and features of their developments throughout Edmonton. Consumer demand has been steadily shifting towards more walkable cities. This growing trend has been driven significantly by millennials who prefer urban living to match their career-driven lifestyles. They are also less concerned with space and more focused on living in an area where they can live, work, and play. Mid-rise condos, like CX in Grandin, can support the growing needs of young professionals by providing high-quality urban living in a dynamic community.

Integrates into Existing Neighbourhoods

Mid-rise condo buildings can easily blend into communities without impacting the urban landscape. For example, they create a smaller footprint in comparison to high-rise buildings, while accommodating a lower density of residents. This makes them more suitable for neighbourhood streets and rapid transit corridors. And, since they are often only four to eight stories tall, it allows them to easily fit into the character of neighbourhoods. This is particularly important because local residents and planning officials alike want to see more integration into existing neighbourhoods that can meet demand, while also supporting healthier lifestyles and economies without transforming the entire community.

Provides Affordability

Edmonton has a lot to offer, but a large number of neighbourhoods are predominantly tailored to residents seeking detached, single-family houses leaving a gap for the missing middle. And, with the prices of these homes rapidly increasing, this has made it challenging for young professionals and young families to afford city living. The missing middle can provide better affordability to those who are looking to buy their first property in an urban setting. By creating a mid-rise building that provides housing for several people on one lot, the cost of land can be divided up, which makes it much more affordable for residents.

Take for instance the CX Lofts & Townhomes, here, you can live in a 1646 sq. ft. three-bedroom townhome, a 1083 sq. ft. two-bedroom suite, or even a 576 sq. ft. loft, all in the same building with similar benefits of a detached house, but with convenient amenities and a very attractive price.

Creates Communities

Many people would prefer to live in the city but they don’t want that intense metropolitan feeling that can make them feel alone or unsafe. They want a sense of community, safety, nature, and convenience, all rolled into one. With mid-rise flats, you can enjoy the integration of shared community spaces like parks, along with immediate access to amazing places to eat, drink and socialize. This is a perfect environment for young professionals who want to be close to it all while feeling part of a secure and friendly community.

At InHouse by Beaverbrook, we know how important it is to develop the ‘missing middle’ to meet these growing demands within the city. That’s why we’ve built CX Lofts & Townhomes in Grandin – a stunning 7-storey modern, industrial-designed building that offers a range of amenities for high-quality urban living in heart of downtown Edmonton.

To book a virtual tour of CX Lofts & Townhomes or for more information visit or contact us at

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