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Can I Survive Without A Car In Edmonton?

Can I Survive Without A Car In Edmonton?

By Serena C.


If you’ve been wondering whether or not you can actually survive without a car in Edmonton, the answer is definitely! With expansive bus routes and the LRT line available, you can easily navigate through this city without a vehicle. And, thanks to strategic urban planning and a Master Transit Plan that’s geared towards improving accessibility, residents can expect even more expansive transit routes to get them across the city in no time. Whether it’s by bike, on foot or by transit, there are a number of quick and convenient options that allow residents in YEG to leave the car at home or give it up for good.

Bus Routes

Edmonton has a large and impressive bus system that currently operates approximately 200 bus routes throughout the entire city, making it incredibly easy to get around. The city is also currently working together with its residents to modernize the transit system to deliver a service that works better for everyone. After receiving input from over 20,000 Edmontonians, a new transit strategy was approved in 2017 with a focus on improving the frequency and quality of bus service to make it easier for people to connect to major corridors and outer areas of the city.


The Light Rail Transit (LRT) is another integral part of Edmonton Transit that’s one of easiest ways to travel throughout the city. To date, there are eighteen stations and two separate lines that run throughout, with a number of new routes planned as part of the city’s Master Transit Plan.

The New LRT will feature a long-term plan that will develop an additional five LRT lines by 2040, with the purpose of transforming the current suburban-style system into a more urban design that will connect and transform the entire city centre.

So, in addition to the current rails that stretch across the city, Edmontonians can look forward to more accessible, central LRT lines in the near future that will continue to make it incredibly easy to move around the city without a car in Edmonton.


Edmonton is a bike-friendly city offering designated bike lanes, shared roadways and paths throughout it. There are also three major bike routes that are accessible year-round, including the Downtown network, the West Central routes, and the Southside network that span over 12km throughout the city. The Edmonton Transit Service also provides plenty of bike racks outside of various stations, making it extra convenient to ride and store your bike before hopping onto transit to get across the city.
To check out the city bike maps, click here.


Walkable communities are the way of the future. And as part of the future vision of Edmonton, City Council and planners are integrating mixed-use and mid-rise developments to create more pedestrian-friendly communities where residents can easily access work, home and local amenities by foot. To see this concept in play, check out the CX Lofts and Townhomes in Grandin. These Lofts & condos make it easy to access everything you need on foot.


When you do need a vehicle, whether it’s to pick up groceries or get from A to B, there are also a number of handy car share programs in the city that you can utilize. POGO is a popular car-sharing service in Edmonton that gives customers 24/7 access to a pool of vehicles that are located throughout different zones in the city. In addition to programs like this, our new future-facing development offers a new modern mode of car-sharing service that will be available for tenants only. This means residents can borrow an electric vehicle free of charge anytime they need to get around – some very exciting news!

And there you have it! There are many quick and convenient ways to get around without a car in Edmonton. In addition to the current ETS and bike paths that are available, the city is transforming into a more sustainable, urban oasis that encourages more pedestrian-friendly, livable communities where residents can get to their destinations in no time without the need of a personal vehicle.


To find out how you can live right in the heart of it all, check out the CX Lofts and Townhomes that are currently for sale. These are located minutes from the Grandin LRT station and bike paths. Additionally, they are in walkable range to plenty of exciting restaurants, shops, and major employers. It’s urban living at your fingertips.

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