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The Advantages of New-Build Condos

The Advantages of New-Build Condos

By Ashley A.


Interested in purchasing a condo in Edmonton? Taking the time to understand the options that are available will ensure you select the best property suited to your lifestyle and needs. If you’re trying to decide between a resale and a new-build condo, it’s important to understand the advantages of both. Since a majority of buyers are not as familiar with the characteristics of new-build condos today, there can be many misconceptions that hinder that decision. Thankfully, we’re here to help dispel some of those common inaccurate assumptions. So before you jump into a purchase, consider these 5 reasons why we think a new-build condo could be the best purchase you ever make.

CX Lofts & Townhomes - New-Build Condos Exterior View 1

New-Build Condos, Distinctively Yours

Many existing condos look the same from one unit to the next, which makes it very difficult to tailor to your individual style. However, there are a number of new development projects like CX Lofts & Townhomes on 110 Street in Grandin, which have removed the “cookie-cutter” style of yesteryear. With 20 different styles and designs to choose from, you can select the exact floor plan – whether it’s a loft, suite, or townhome – that’s tailored to your unique taste and lifestyle. When it comes to a resale condo, you’re much more limited on what you can alter. But with a new-build condo, you can take control of the design to make it uniquely yours.

Quality Workmanship

Some people worry that newer condos are being built with flimsy materials and paper-thin walls that force you to hear more than what you bargained for from the neighbours. But in reality, it’s quite the opposite. Many modern new-build condos today utilize high-quality materials that allow residents to enjoy a truly superior standard of living. Consider the CX development structure, for example. It’s crafted out of hybrid structural steel and mass timber GLT that provides exceptional durability as well as soundproofing qualities that are similar to concrete. Even with stunning exposed wood-beam ceilings, the quality architectural designs ensure that you can enjoy some peace and quiet from the comfort of your new luxury condo.

Efficient & Sustainable

Unlike most resale models, new-build condos are designed with advanced Energy Star certified appliances and fixtures that promote energy efficiency, which equates to more cost savings for you. New developments, like CX, are also incorporating more sustainable materials like GLT engineered mass lumber that is sourced from sustainable regional forests. If that’s not impressive enough, this project will also be featuring ridesharing programs that offer electric cars for rent as part of their condo fees, furthering the initiative towards modern, sustainable, forward-facing development.

Modern Amenities

Ever feel like some of the older resale condos are designed only for retirees? When you’re keen on having a design that includes a chic, modern edge with amenities that keep up with your lifestyle – gym, bike storage, on-site parking and more – new-builds can deliver. Finally, you can experience condo living that’s designed for a modern lifestyle that won’t break the bank.

CX Lofts & Townhomes - New-Build Condos Exterior View 2

Don’t let any misconceptions cloud your judgement. New-builds condos incorporate modern, forward-thinking designs built for the future. So before you jump into a purchase, contact us to arrange a tour of our stunning CX Lofts & Townhomes in Grandin. Our experts at InHouse will show you first hand what the advantages of new-build condos include and why it might be the perfect place for you.

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